Why Kingshill?

The accelerated rate of economic development and growing competition has undoubtedly intensified the struggle for survival and leadership in every field. Qualifications, professionalism, familiarity and application of foreign knowledge are the principal advantages over competitors.

Kingshill Media Group has been engaged in business tourism for more than five years. We have successfully organised a large number of specialised business programmes world wide. In the last two years we have organised business programmes in some of the largest cities in the world including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Tokyo and Barcelona. We have had more than 800 participants from over 350 different companies based in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic States and Transcaucasia. More than 90% of participants are regular clients who continue to take part in our programmes establishing more and more business contacts.

What is attractive about Kingshill Media Group?

Not only do we know and cover what our clients require, but we also try our best to predict potential areas of interest for future programmes. Highly skilled experts who are prepared to share experience, knowledge and trade secrets take part in our programmes, which consist of theoretical and practical elements. The programmes emphasise the most relevant topic areas in today's world.

Kingshill Media Group is not only known an expert in business tourism, but also as a publisher of professional literature. We dispatch our business editions "The Encyclopaedia of the Building Industry of Russia", "The Encyclopaedia of Kazakhstan", "The Encyclopaedia of Transport and Logistics in Russia" in more than 80 countries world wide.

If you are not familiar with our company, then we advise that you ask your colleagues or business partners about us (it is likely that they took part in 1 or even 7 of our business programmes). If you are still in doubt, please feel free to browse through our client feedback on this site.

We will be pleased to cooperate with you and embody you ideas and needs for business!