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Business Encyclopaedia Republic of Kazakhstan "BERK"

Dr A. M. Kul-Muhammed
Press-Secretary of the President
of Republic of Kazakhstan

André Küüsvek
EBRD, Kazakhstan European Bank Home
Mr Kassymzhomart Tokaev Minister
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Kazakhstan

David Wilkes
Managing Partner

Ernst & Young Home


Mr Valerian Khagay
Country Officer

IFC Home

Joelle Watkins
Marketing & Communications Manager

British Airways Home

Umyt Beysembaeva
Country Officer


Mr M. Hassanov

"Astana-Contract" JSC

Mr S. Ochkasov
General Director

OJSC Aksayskiy KHP

Mr A. Kondakov
Department of Economic Cooperation
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation

Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources
Republic of Kazakhstan

Ministry of Economy and Trade
Republic of Kazakhstan

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Republic of Kazakhstan

Ministry of Culture, Information and Public Accordance Republic of Kazakhstan

Ministry of Agriculture
Republic of Kazakhstan

Ministry of Education and Science
Republic of Kazakhstan

Ministry of Environmental Safety
Republic of Kazakhstan

Bussiness Encyclopaedia of the Russian Construction Industry "BERCI"

Susannah Clark

Russo-British Chamber of Commerce
RUSSO-BRITISH Chamber of Commerce

Mr Vladimir Resin
The first Deputy to Mayor of Moscow in the
Government of Moscow
Complex of Architecture, Construction, Development and Reconstruction of City of Moscow;
The Department of a Town-Planning Policy, 
Developments and Reconstruction of City of Moscow

Mr Alexander Vakhmistrov
Vice-governor of St.Petersburg, President

The Union of Building Associations and Organizations

Mr Vladimir Averchenko
The Head

Federal Agency for Construction
and Housing Complex

Mr Yuri Gnedovskiy

The Union of Architects of Russia

Mr Maxim Vjazemsky
General Director 


Mr S. Krivoshein
General Director

The Union of builders of Moscow Region

Mr Viktor Zabelin

Russian Union of Builders

Mr V. Ryzhkov
First Vice-President

Moscow Construction Union

Mr Efim Basin
The Head of Construction Department

Chamber of Commerce of Russian Federation

Business Encyclopaedia of Transport and Logistics in Russia "BETLR"

Viacheslav Andrianichev
Assosiation of Russian Maritime Agents

Assosiation of Russian Maritime Agents

Nikolay Konariov
General Director


N. Smirnova

International Bank "RIT-BANK"

Rudy Colle
General Director
International Union of Combined
Road-Rail Transport Companies "UIRR"


T. Podkoritova
General Director

JSC Zapsibtransblock